In honor of the 88th day of 2020, we’ve put together a couple of playlists celebrating some of our favorite pianists and pieces for piano. Find our playlists below, and share some of your favorites HERE.

Popular Piano People:

Kicking off with Billy Joel’s smash hit “Piano Man,” our first playlist surveys some of our favorite singer/songwriter/pianists that brought their unique styles to the radio waves. Ranging from Jerry Lee Lewis to Lady Gaga, the piano has been of incredible value to some of our favorite tunes. Click the image of Billy Joel below for our playlist!

Classical Colossi:

The history of the piano is told by the many great performers that pushed the boundaries of the instrument from plucked-string keyboards to the hammered-string, metal-box, eleven-octave marvel of musical technology we know it as today. Our next playlist honors some of the titans of the classical tradition trotting out some of the great concerti and works for solo piano. Click the picture of Rubenstein & Argerich to enjoy works from some of the great piano masters!

Jazz Jewels:

Finally, a playlist highlighting some of the giants of jazz; America’s unique contribution to western music. Find gems from Martha Davis and Hiromi Uehara, Tea for Two tinkled on the ivories by Nat King Cole, and beloved works from Dave Brubeck and Count Basie in this playlist. Click the image of The Duke below for the playlist!