There are many ways to become involved with this dynamic and exciting organization and volunteering with Arizona Musicfest has countless rewards! Our volunteers develop friendships with others who enjoy music and contribute to our community in many ways. They play an important role in delivering our programs in education, youth competition and concerts during our festival seasons.  We welcome you to join us as we share the joy of music!

There are many ways to participate as a volunteer:

  • Assist at youth competitions
  • Provide housing for a festival orchestra musician
  • Serve lunches and snacks to festival orchestra musicians
  • Usher for preconcert lectures
  • Usher for concerts
  • Assist with artist hospitality
  • Sell merchandise
  • Office Assistance

How to Volunteer

  1. Check out the Volunteer Job Descriptions at left to see many ways in which you can be involved. The amount of time you volunteer is strictly up to you. Please note: A minimum age of 18 is required for our volunteers.
  2. Then, fill out a Volunteer Application at left, and we will be in touch.
  3. If you have questions, please contact the office, 480-488-0806 or email

Volunteers are vital and integral to the success of Arizona Musicfest. Acting as representative ambassadors, volunteers facilitate programs and events offered by our organization. Following is a list of volunteering opportunities and related requirements:


The Youth Education program promotes music education in schools by introducing exposure to classical music, reinforcing interest through live performances, and, thereby, developing future audiences. Volunteers serve as ushers and monitors when live music programs are held at the school or in other area venues.

Volunteers for Youth Education must enjoy interacting with children and have good communication skills.


Every year Musicfest offers the opportunity for youth musicians to compete in our highly regarded competitions during several week ends throughout the year. Musicians receive commentary and critiques from some of the area’s finest musicians, and earn prizes as well as performance opportunities. Volunteers assist at these competitions by welcoming the family and the musician and escorting them throughout the process from the time their of arrival, through practice and performance. There are also other related assignments, such as timing practice sessions. Assignments are usually given in three to four hour blocks in the morning or afternoon, and volunteers may listen to the student performances.

Volunteers need to be friendly and courteous and provide a positive competition experience for the musician.


Arizona Musicfest provides housing for musicians during festival orchestra, which is usually for one week, mid-February. This is a unique and wonderful experience! The host provides a separate bedroom, private bathroom, and a light breakfast. The host should live within about 25 minutes from La Casa de Cristo Church. The musicians have their own transportation, Musicfest provides lunch and they are responsible for their own dinners. The musician may practice their instrument in your home, but as they have a busy rehearsal and performance schedule, they are away much of the time. Our Housing Chair coordinates all musician host applications.


Arizona Musicfest provides and serves snacks and lunches to the Festival Orchestra musicians during their rehearsal week. Working with the Hospitality Chair, volunteers serve prepared food. A little light clean up is involved. Assignments are usually late morning to early afternoon.

Volunteers should be friendly and courteous.


During festival orchestra week, Musicfest offers lectures before each matinee and evening concerts. Volunteers direct patrons to the lectures, and greet them at the door for open seating. After the lecture, the volunteer directs patrons to the concert. Volunteers arrive 30 minutes before the lecture. They may attend part of the lecture, as well as the concert.

Volunteers need to be courteous and friendly and be able to stand for long periods of time.


At each concert, a volunteer greets patrons, assists at Will Call, hands out programs and ushers patrons to their seats. Volunteers arrive an hour and fifteen minutes before the concert, attend the preconcert meeting, review specific assignments, seating sections, and become familiar with the venue’s key features. Occasionally, volunteers are asked to help with additional small tasks, such as adding an insert into the concert program or removing seat numbers. At the end of the concert, volunteers clean up the auditorium by picking up programs and other items left behind. The time line is usually 6-10 pm for evening concerts. They may attend the concert sitting at the back of the venue in a designated row.

Volunteers who serve as ushers must be helpful, courteous, and friendly, acting as ambassadors for Arizona Musicfest. They must be able to stand or walk for an extended period of time, follow directions from the Volunteer Chair, Usher Chair, and staff. Volunteers need to work well with other volunteers as a cooperative team.


Arizona Musicfest serves dinner to the musicians as well as the staff before the concert. Prepared dinners are delivered to the venue and two volunteers heat it and plate it for the musicians. Some concerts are catered, and volunteers would assist as needed. A little kitchen clean up is involved. The time line is usually 4-6:30 pm. They may attend the concert sitting with the ushers.

Volunteers need to be pleasant, cooperative and flexible, adjusting to any needed changes. Cooking experience is not needed.


Frequently artists bring their Cd’s to sell, and sometimes additional merchandise as well. Two volunteers are stationed at a table in the lobby to sell the merchandise before the concert, during intermission, and after the concert. The assignment begins at 6 pm, includes attending the preconcert meeting, and ends about 15 min after the concert ends. They may attend the concert, sitting with the ushers, although they would miss a song or two in order to be present at the sales table for our patrons.

Volunteers should be dependable, polite and personable. Very little math skills are needed.


At some venues, such as Pinnacle Presbyterian and La Casa de Cristo, we attach end caps and seat numbers. Working with a staff member and the Volunteer Chair, this task is scheduled at 10am at La Casa at the start of Festival Orchestra week. For additional select performances, seat numbering can begin at 10am on the day of the concert or even take place an hour and half before the concert begins, depending on the venue and time of concert . The assignment usually takes about an hour and a half.

Volunteers must be able to follow directions and work quietly, as sometimes a rehearsal is taking place.