Along with yesterday’s important patriotic holiday, there is also a lesser known holiday celebrated each year on May 25th.  That holiday, as established by the US Congress in 1989, is National Tap Dance Day, which recognizes the great American art form.  This past season, Musicfest was fortunate to feature tap dancing as part of two festival concerts.  On Jan 24th, the iconic TV star Tony Danza offered a suave soft shoe as part of his show, and then on Feb 11th, sparks ignited from the stage each time Kenji Igus of The Hot Sardines stepped up to flap, shuffle, chug, riff, and scuff along with the band.  For today’s Internet Interlude, we’re pleased to present an encore except of “Zazou”.  Along with Kenji’s electrifying intro, he also hoofs a hot tap solo at 5:10 into the video.