In the spring of 2019, Arizona Musicfest launched The Next Stage Campaign.  This ambitious fund raising initiative was created to support the evolution of Musicfest’s organizational infrastructure as well as an exciting expansion of Musicfest’s community programs.  Generously funded through unrestricted contributions and managed as a quasi-endowment by the Arizona Community Foundation, The Next Stage Fund will provide Arizona Musicfest with essential capital to subsidize key elements of the organization.

Next Stage priorities include Musicfest’s August 2019 move to a new home in North Scottsdale, providing the organization with enhanced administrative and community programming space.

Strategic Next Stage plans also include the organization’s expansion of its popular Music Alive! series.  Through this expansion, Musicfest will greatly increase its ability to provide the community with deeper and richer musical experiences.  With Arizona Musicfest’s new facility featuring a dedicated programming space (The Community Room), the organization can now comfortably accommodate event participants for classes, young musicians activities, lectures, special events and intimate public performances.

Between 2013 and 2019, Arizona Musicfest experienced unprecedented growth—festival ticket sales grew by 248%, while charitable income increased by 121%.  By all measures, the last many years have been transformative.  During this same period, Musicfest maintained a modest administration, notably smaller than comparable organizations.   As a mature organization with a proven track record of success and responsible growth, Arizona Musicfest now looks to further develop its professional resources and community services to best provide our customers, donors, young musicians, adult learners, dedicated employees, volunteers and the general public with the very best of Musicfest.

Help us take the next step . . . toward The Next Stage of Arizona Musicfest!


To learn more about The Next Stage Campaign, please contact:

Allan Naplan, Executive and Producing Director
(480) 488-0806