In response to school closures around the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Arizona Musicfest worked to design and deliver select resources to support music teachers in connecting with their students through their online classrooms. Highlighting state standards, thinking maps, and playlists online, students are encouraged to listen and respond to music through various activities ranging from creative writing to the scientific method and geography.

Find activity descriptions through the tabs on the left, and follow the links for instructions and resources!

Looking for a way to help your students engage and respond while listening to music? Musicfest Minutes provides online playlists and listening maps to guide your students’ ears and minds to more deeply connect to collected pieces. Find more information through the button below!

Take a trip around the world along with Musicfest Strings! Based on our popular in-school concert assembly repertoire, students locate countries and regions across the globe, use web tools to trace their travels, and explore string quartet music written by composers from those areas. Find instructions & resources below!

Musical Passport