Take a trip around the world with Arizona Musicfest! As an extension of our Musicfest Strings in-school concert assembly, students will explore music for string quartet from composers around the world, tracing their travels on their Musical Passport.

Find the instructions and activity page here: Musical Passport.

Find the Playlist on the second tab to the left.

Find more information on the instruments of the string quartet in the third tab.

Questions? Please contact education@azmusicfest.org

Below, find the seven pieces of the Musical Passport. You’ll find the piece titles and composer information on the activity page on the first tab.

Instructions for this playlist: Listen to the Musical Passport playlist below and select your favorite piece. Write a brief paragraph about your favorite, draw a picture that describes the piece, or use the listening map from Musicfest Minutes to guide your writing: Listening Map

*This playlist can be played either on this browser or clicked through to YouTube.

String Quartets have four musicians, but just three instruments. Learn about them instruments through the videos below!
Want to learn about how you can Be Part of the Music? Visit their website via this link:

Want to hear more? See the videos and playlist below!

Watch the world-renowned Kronos String Quartet explain how string quartets make music to Big Bird!

Below, 2019 Musicfest Artists The MozART Group explore string quartets through their hysterical “Anatomy of a String Quartet”

Below, find a playlist of some of our favorite movements from famous string quartets!