PLEASE NOTE: Preferred Parking is in the lot Northeast of the Musicfest Main Offices. We ask that Music Alive attendees enter through the rear Community Room Entrance, not through the Main Administrative Entrance.
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Season Overview – October 30, 2019

Our first Music and Muffins of the 2019/20 Season!

For our first playlist, we’ve got samples from each session we’ll do over the season. We’ll start with (re)introducing ourselves, settle into the new Community Room, and prep our ears for the journeys we’ll take throughout the season. There are two samples from each session in the playlist below: what do you think the discussion areas will be?



PLEASE NOTE: October 30th is the fifth Wednesday of October. All other Music and Muffins sessions will be the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month unless otherwise noted.

50’s Rock ‘n’ Roll – November 13, 2019

We’re gonna Shake, Rattle & Roll Around the Clock!

Well, at least for 90 minutes…Let’s enjoy some of the most popular 50s Rock ‘n’ Roll music, explore what binds them together, and share what it is about individual pieces that makes them stand out to us! Which of these are your favorites?

Any pieces missing? Send them in advance to and we’ll add them to the playlist!