On January 31st, Musicfest was thrilled to welcome back to our stage the great trumpeter Chris Botti. Prior to the evening’s public performance, Musicfest arranged for Arizona State University trumpet students (pictured below) to meet with Chris for a special Q&A session. This unique opportunity was part of Musicfest’s Access to Artistry program for young musicians. During the session, Chris addressed issues of trumpet technique, repertoire, career development and also what it means to be a strong bandleader. On this final point, Chris noted that his top priority is not only to hire exceptional musicians, but then to also step out of the way and let them shine. As you’ll see from the following performance highlight, Chris clearly practices what he preaches. Featured soloists include pianist Holger Marjamaa, bass player Reggie Hamilton and the extraordinary Lee Pearson on drums.

Once again…Chris Botti!