Thursday, Jan. 25, 2024

10:00 am -11:30 am

Union32 presents three brand-new sets of jazz music, featuring original arrangements highlighting material from upcoming Arizona Musicfest concerts. Each member of the quintet builds new arrangements reflecting a broad range of musical influences – exploring the hybridizations of jazz with a variety of musical genres, including pop/rock, funk, and contemporary classical. Each performance will include discussions of music selection, how the artists organized and wrote their arrangements, and have space for Q&A with the audience about composition, improvisation, and jazz history.  

The Beatles are one of the most influential musical acts in popular music history, in part because their original songs drew inspiration from popular genres that preceded their 1960s musical innovations. This idea of taking material from previous artist and using it as clay to remold remains an influential one.  Union32 takes a selection of Beatles hits and refracts them through jazz genres and styles of the 20th and 21st century – bringing both a new light to these songs and while distilling their unique qualities.

2024 concerts:

January 25  – In My Life: Jazz Re-Imaginings of The Beatles

February 22 – Modern Jazz Meets Modern Broadway

March 21 – Coat of Many Colors: Country, Blues, and Jazz 

The Union32 concert series is graciously sponsored by Bob and Charlotte Otto. 




For more than 12 years, Union32 has brought compelling original music to audiences around the Southwest, performing regularly at the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM), The Nash, and at their home base of Paradise Valley Community College.

Keith Kelly – Bass Clarinet, Flute, Tenor Saxophone 
Adam Roberts – Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
Brett Reed – Vibraphone, Percussion 
Ben Hedquist – Acoustic Bass
Ryan Anthony – Drums, Percussion