August 24, 2022

Wednesday | 10:00 - 11:30am

For our second playlist in August, we’ll continue our “Same Song” comparison playlists by listening to various versions of Juan Tizol & Duke Elllington’s classic tune: Caravan! From the original version by Barney Bigard & His Jazzopators, to Nat King Cole, to Dizzy Gillespie, to the climax of the hit film “Whiplash,” Caravan has been recorded by some of the great jazz legends of the last 80 years. We’ll use this playlist to talk about the wide range of treatments a jazz tune can have depending on the era and personnel of the recording, and revel in how incredible it is that a single piece can have such varied versions!

As you listen to this playlist, find one that you particularly enjoy. Listen to it once or twice, and then listen to another one. Consider what it is that you enjoy about the first version you picked, and notice what is different between them. We’ll share our favorites and discuss them in connection with other participant favorites when we get together on 8/24!

Any versions of Caravan you’d like to add? Email and we’ll add them!


Led By

Ben Baer

Ben Baer