2024 AZMF Scholarship Renewal

  • Personal Information

  • School Information for 2024/25 School Year

  • Please indicate the address listed for Financial Aid, we will use this to send your scholarship funds if renewed.

  • Please indicate specific instructions regarding how funds should be disbursed upon renewal.
  • Personal Statements

    The following statements reflect on your 2023/24 school year and envision your upcoming schooling.
  • Please describe highlights from the past academic year, including all performances, courses of study, extra-curricular activities, summer programs attended, as well as any changes, if any, to your program of study. Please include answers to these 4 questions:
    1. What was your academic record during the Fall of 2023?
    2. How do you feel you have evolved as a musician since the Fall of 2023?
    3. How have you been involved in your local community during 2023/24?
    4. Do you feel a classical performance career, full-time or part-time, is in your future?
  • Please indicate what you’re looking forward to achieving, studying, and pursuing in the coming academic year.
  • Acknowledgements